#20 Robin Reichardt siirtymässä Castovanni Eaglesiin

RobinKäpylä Maanantain kauden 2014 paras pelaaja joutuu jättämään seuran.

Robin aloitti tämänpäiväisen lehdistötilaisuuden “On ollut kunnia pelata KMPP:ssä”- sanoilla, ja jatkaa nopeasti “toivottavasti minulla on vielä joskus mahdollisuus palata Käpylän riveihin.

Käpylän keskikenttäpelaajan tuleva joukkue Castovanni Eagles ei ole Käpyläläisille tuntematon joukkue. Joukkueet ovat kohdanneet vuonna 2014 harjoitusottelussa, kun KMPP matkusti Tallinnaan pelaamaan seuran ensimmäisen europelinsä. Robin on huhujen mukaan jutellut KMPP:n ja Castovannin johdolle mahdollisuudestä järjestää seurojen välille uusi ystävyysottelu.

Tähtipelaajan voi ainakin toistaiseksi viimeisen kerran nähdä laivaston sinisessä peliasussaan 8.9.2015 Myllypuron stadionilla, kun Käpylä Maanantai kohtaa kauden päätösottelussaan Ruiskun.

Käpylä Maanantain johto, pelaajat ja fanit kiittävät Robinia kuluneilta kausilta ja toivovat hänelle kaikkea parasta tulevaisuuteen.


Five hours of hockey

00:10: Should be sleeping already. Phone announces that I’ve only got less than five hours before the alarm. Just finished eating my Entrecote that I bought several pieces of from Arabia K-supermarket for an amazing price of 15EUR / KG.

01:15: Finally fell asleep.

05:05: Alarm goes off. SNOOZ!

530AM tired
0530 and tired

05:15: Done snoozing. Force myself up. Put my gear together, grab a yogurt from the fridge and start eating it on the way to the bus stop. Man its dark.

05:40: Bus arrives. Svante is already sitting in the bus, looking everywe bit as tired as I feel myself. Antti Karvanen jumps into the team bus (65A) a few stops later.

06:25: We arrive at the arena. Most of our team is already there. People seem to be a bit more quiet than usual. Nobody managed to get the postgame beers as laws doesn’t seem to support people waking up this early.

07:00: Face-off. First shift and we scored right away. Great start for our team. This really woke us up. The game went well for the whole team and especially good for me and my winger-pair Antti Karvanen. Last game we ended up with -4 and no goals. This game we managed to score for times and conceded only once.

08:00: 3rd Period horn rings. A great 8-2 victory. This means that we tock the 1st place in Delta League with only three games to go.

08:10: It feels like Saturday evening. Can’t believe I need to start working. Thank god I have a “work at home” day

08:30: Transit home. Still dark.

09:00: Making coffee and slowly starting to work.

16:30: Still hyped up from the game. Need to play some NHL @ PS4.

17:30: Quick nap before the pond hockey that starts soon.

18:20: Putting the lightened gear up for our pond hockey session.

Pond hockey raining
Pond Hockey and grass shouldn’t need to be mixed

19:00: WHAT? I am the only one here even though ten people voted this to be on Monday. I hope the slushy weather did note motivate people to not show up unannounced. Well, this should be fixed after we’ve arranged https://pondhockey.fi/

19:05: Phew, Karvanen and Jaakkola arrived. A bit later Hälikkä, Virranvuo and Sinisalo arrived as well. With six people we managed to create a nice 3vs3 game.

20:00: Legs quite tired from this morning. We stopped playing after two “first to five”-games.

KHL, Entrecote and Milk

20:30: Home, exhausted. Jokerit playing KHL at Bratislava, great! The first period just ended to time to put potato
wedges into the oven and heat up the frying pan for yet another Entrecote.

Hockey is amazing. Today I was willing to do it in four different forms (full gear, PS4, pond and couch). 5/24 hours was dedicated to hockey. Same amount to sleep. I wish I would have time for a little more of both.